Mindgate Studios

Mindgate Studios is a Germany-based game design studio that has been working on awesome things since 2020.

Joakim Engfors

Joakim Engfors (he/him)

Co-owner / Designer
Joakim makes strategy games - and tends to think outside the box. Joakim never stops designing. He is a sleep deprived bundle of creative energy. He is the helper, he loves to playtest any unfinished game, over and over again. He also loves games with simple rules and deep strategy.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Jan-Thomas Hulha (he/him)

Co-owner / Designer
JT loves to theorize about the different moving parts that make games fun. When designing, there's a near 100% chance that he will push for co-op and deckbuilding mechanics.
He loves to collaborate on finding the perfect solution for design problems - and he doesn't mind revisiting already made decisions if there's a chance that the game ends up better for it.
His mantra is "follow he fun".

Justin Hulha

Justin Hulha (he/him)

Justin makes thematic and story-driven games. When an idea inspires him, he ponders over it until it has grown into a full blown universe. Justin loves 2D platformers and any game that presents a significant challenge. When he truly loves a game, he has to get 100% achievements in it.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Katrin Hulha (she/her)

Captain of the Fleet
Katrin is in charge of pretty much everything and she makes sure we stay afloat. She loves thematic games and any game that lets you cut things up. Katrin is dead set and working hard to convince us to implement pigs into all of our games and rename the studio to "ThreeLittlePiggies".


We are working together with other industry professionals to assure amazing quality.

Joakim Engfors

Berzerker Baby Games

Game Development Studio
Team of video game developers.

Joakim Engfors

Ironclad Writing

Professional Editing Solutions
Top-notch English-language editing and content writing services to clients worldwide, with a special focus on tabletop games.

Joakim Engfors

Edwin Hioe

Edwin is an expert illustrator and concept artist.

Joakim Engfors


Tailored Software
Customized software solutions for your company. From conception to design to implementation.